Class Work

‘Babbel’ Analysis

Below is an analysis of Babbel, a language learning app.

Babbel teaches users how to speak a language they’ve always wanted to learn. It offers 14 languages offered by expert linguists. It allows you to pick topics that interest you, and progress can be synced across all devices. It is also available on Apple Watch.


(Note: To get all functions, you must purchase a subscription.)

The target audience is very broad; it’s for those who want to learn a language and don’t have all the time in the world to do it, so they need an app they can open at any time throughout the day. It also has to be people who are dedicated to learning, as having to pay for it would mean they are quite serious.


The apps gives you the option to pick your proficiency level. The interface and design are very simple and the directions are clear, there are no complicated gestures beyond tapping. Complete beginners could start the app and not get confused.


The lessons have a variety of little activities to help you memorise and learn concepts. On the trial version, none are too complex. As for the style, their primary colour is a warm orange that is used for their icon/logo and accents. It is accompanied by a soft off-white and simple black. The allows the focus to be on the information and not too distracted by many colours. The typography is sans serif to allow for easy and clear reading.

As for improvements, I would say they could offer more in their trial version, such as showing further user interface elements and language topics; highlight what elements come with the subscription, because the jump back to the start is quite abrupt. They could also quicken the animations in the activities, for people who are impatient. Also, a section of testing proficiency, to see the user’s exact level, as opposed to just offering two courses.





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