Lecture Notes

User Personas

  • A representation of the goals and behaviour of a hypothesised group of users.
  • User personas include age, sex, occupation, hobbies, likes/dislikes, behaviours, goals, skills, attitudes, environment, and personalities.
  • Reviewing personas before wireframing is critical, so that the intended user experience is fresh in your mind.
  • With the opportunity, get users to look over your design and get user feedback.
  • There are a variety of ways for users to access your design; uncovering how they arrive to the task should affect your design.
  • Considering how they use your design is also important; some people simply browse, others are searching for specific content.
  • Mental models are what thoughts people form around an idea or activity, and vary person to person. They are important to user experience, because they illustrate how your user approaches a particular problem. They unveil the expectations of your users, and inform your interactions.
  • Artefact means project/product; having a developed and agreed personality for your project will give everyone a context to evaluate the design, in case the conversation veers off into subjectivity.
  • To develop an artefact persona, you’d answer product personality questions:
    • If the interface were a person, what would they be like?
    • How would you expect users to react when they first view the product?
    • How would you describe this product to a friend?
      How is the product different from competitive products?
    • Which celebrity, car, movie, etc, is the product most like? Least like? Why?
  • Experience key words include listing and grouping any descriptive words or concepts that reoccur during stakeholder and user interviews. Narrowing down and refining some core words will help inform your project. This will allow for a positive first impression and an ongoing emotional experience.

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