Class Work


A flowchart is an illustration of steps that showcase a process from start to finish in a way for designers to visually interpret the information. Typically, they have simple instructions in a shape, connected by arrows for easy following.

~ How to Make Toast ~

To make toast, you must plug the appliance into an outlet; from there you collect your bread and slide it into the slot of the toaster. Toasters tend to vary when it comes to the ‘toastiness’ dial, it is recommended you read the manual beforehand or go through the process of trial and error to arrive at your preferred type of toast. Once you have set the dial, you must pull down the lever. After waiting patiently for a few minutes, the toast should pop out and be ready to serve. If it is burnt, repeat the process again.

From this descriptive analysis, I am able to extract the necessary steps and insert them into a very basic flowchart, as shown.


Bringing it down to its bare bones, I am able to step back and see what is missing, what additional content I could introduce, any misunderstandings or bad phrasings. For example, adding interactivity through asking questions and presenting multiple pathways — say, if the bread was burnt, or recommendations of toppings. While I could include more in-depth descriptions into the boxes, it makes scanning and interpretation very difficult.